Central India's largest community hackathon.
26th December 2020 - 30th December 2020
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HackNagpur, the very first Central India’s biggest community-driven Hackathon, a platform to unleash innovative developers worldwide and come together virtually to ideate, innovate and inspire one another and the community.

HN is the very first initiative by the community members of GDG Nagpur, bringing in together 20+ other communities to host this hackathon, for Innovators to brainstorm and create a virtual but real prototype from December 26, 2020 - December 30, 2020.


Open Innovation.

A track on the special demands of the participants, covering all the out of the box ideas that do not fit in any of the above mentioned tracks,for the wild ideas brewing in the sculpted minds. Get rabid with all the Technology ideas in the tertiary sectors!
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Artificial Intelligence.

Taking the giant leap of turning things smart enough to mimic the naturality of humans into bit driven machines,this track paves the way for smart techies to bring up solutions that seamlessly solve complex and bulky real-world problems!
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This track refers to how technology ushered advancement in medical diagnoses and enhanced the quality of health,and made lives safer by lowering medical errors.
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Designing turned out a lot easier with Virtual reality technology. This track impels more privilegeto the users as it connects the real and digital world.
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Small-Business holders feel the support of fintech more than anyone else. Pull your opinions in reality and twist the time-honored financial strategies by putting on it the sense of Technology.The specialized software and algorithms are utilized for buyers and owners to better regulate their financial policies and systems.
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A crucial track for coders to build a more engrossing environment where students can communicate andcollaborate with others to share their learnings and obtain new ways to approach the concepts and knowledge in more comprehensive methods.
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Privacy and security over the internet have been a myth for many. Blockchain or DLT is being adopted avidly by startups and corporates.From cryptocurrency to Supply chain management, Blockchain has created a huge impact by bringing in transparency and privacy for the users. This Track is for the Privacy and Security Conscious Geeks to uplift the Greatness of Tech onto next level safety.
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Game Development.

With the rise of the 5G wifi wave and Google Stadia, we are just a few steps away from a huge tsunami of gaming experiences,thus we brought this challenging track for hackers to take their game to the next phase and bestow a wholesome experience to the players.
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Machine Learning.

AI application that can foresee the future. Adopting this track, we have more options for developing a good system that learns from historical data to make better decisions and predictions,in simple words - A Smart Learner, that grows with Time!
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Future Mobility.

Future Mobility got a much-needed drift with the launch of Ola and Uber as they are highly influenced by the digital shift.This track is around blending all traits of the consumer journeys by leveraging technology and creating services or applications that implicate real-time factors and bringing in seamless ease of use with it!
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Best Performing Women Team

Matic Category

Portis Category

Tezos Category

echoAR Category


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Gulshan Saluja
Alon Grinshpoon
Ravikumar Tiwari
Startup Mentor & Innovation
Open Innovation
Abhishek Kumar Annamraju
Tessellate Imaging
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Mohit Uniyal
Product Engineer & Instructor
Coding Blocks
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile Soiutions
Shantanu Vishwanadha
Blockchain Consultant
Blockchain, Fintech
Vrijraj Singh
Web Solutions
Ramya Kappagantu
Software Engineer
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Himanshu Gupta
AR/VR, Mobile Solutions
Sohail Pathan
Program Manager
Coding Blocks
Education, Mobile Solutions
Tushar Choudhari
Frontend Engineer Intern
Web Solutions


Who can participate? Is any experience required for it?

Whether you are a novice, graphics designer, an intense coder, or any tech enthusiast, HN20 is for you! You just need curiosity and a problem solver’s thinking. The rest elements you will get to know from the mentors.

I want to participate in solo, what should I do?

Judging team vs solo participant would be injustice, so we will make sure to judge accordingly. Solo participants Just need to drop an email for their request of solo participation to hacknagpur@gmail.com (preferred), or via Slack (in case delayed) and we will Accept your Solo member Team. Others can team up with any other participant via a dedicated channel on slack.

When and Where is the hackathon being conducted?

The event HackNagpur will be completely virtual and it will be conducted from 26th December 2020, 11 am to 30th December 2020, 11 pm IST.

Can I bring my previously built project to Hackathon?

No. You can bring your ideas that are previously formulated but your projects must be new i.e, built and executed in 5 days. In case of any issues, experts are there to encourage and aid you.

What are the topics and prizes of the hackathon?

The topic and the prizes will be declared soon. Once you've registered with an e-mail id, we'll notify you with a mail about further announcements after the team's participation is confirmed.

How are we supposed to submit the project?

To participate, click on the "Apply with Devfolio" button. You can build your project once the hackathon starts. Once you're done, submit the project before the hackathon ends, to get qualified for the judging process.

Everyone will be getting swags or only the winners?

We've some cool surprises in our bag for everyone. Sometimes you'll have to go through some challenges for special giveaways and appreciation.

How big/small a team should be?

You can form teams of 2-4 hackers. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills. Remember, we won't accept project submissions from individual applicants.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Zip. Zap. Zoom. Nothing. Being a part of HackNagpur is completely free, thanks to our sponsors!

Is there any official communication channel with the organizing team?

Yes, We got you covered! We have an active Slack Channel for communication, along with some cool mentors to whom you can ask for help.

Is there any Code of Conduct?

Yes, we will be following Devfolio's Code Of Conduct!

Where can I find the full schedule?

To be Declared soon, Nevertheless, the full always updated schedule will be available on the website itself.

Didn’t find the question I have, What can I do?

Simply write to us on any of our social media platforms (@hacknagpur) or our email (hacknagpur@gmail.com)(preferred), and we will get back to you at earliest.



Sohail Pathan

Lead Organizer

Shantanu Vishwanadha

Lead Organizer

Tushar Choudhari

Lead Organizer

Saish Adlak

Design Lead

Ramya Kappagantu

Speaker Relations

Shreya Santoshwar

Content Designer

Vanshika Trivedi

Content Designer

Anmoldeep Singh Arora

Content Designer

Pushkar Kukde

Community Relations

Saniya Imroze

Video Production

Aastha Patel

Content Designer

Vedant Khairnar

Sponsors Relations

Rohit Daftari

Video Production

Jasmine Jadwani

Graphic Designer

Harshita Bambure

Content Designer

Raghav Agrawal

Community Relations

Ankur Gawande

Video Production